Where are my files? Issues with Internet Explorer 7

When trying to restore data through the web control in with Internet Explorer 7 files do not appear when browsing to them, but may appear in the restore target dialog.

This issue seems to be Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) is running in Protected Mode.

Please check if IE7 is running in "Protected Mode". This is shown in the status bar of Internet Explorer at the bottom right corner as "Protected Mode:On" or "Protected Mode:Off".

If it is On, you can disable it temporarily by selecting: Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab , and un-check the box "Enable Protected Mode". After that, close all windows of Internet Explorer. Restart the web restore again and the problem should be resolved.

You can then turn on "Protected Mode" again after the web restore if desired.

Alternatively, upgrading to a modern browser (Firefox, Chrome or even IE9) would be a better plan!

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